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fade-leftfade-rightSpotlight: Mid-October Top Performers

fade-leftfade-rightRising Stars

“Newly Promoted ET!”

Qualified to Earn:
ET Quick-start Bonus

Current Occupation:
Medical claims customer service representative.

Why did you join 5LINX?
Initially I thought it was a pyramid scheme but I trusted my friend Joyce Mills enough to take a closer look. After seeing the presentation I was blown away of the opportunity. I just recently… read more

What do you like most about 5linx?
I love interacting with new people and the positive environment it creates. Since 5linx my entire perception on life has changed for the better. No longer do I… read more

Trevonia Simmons - Freeport, Bahamas 5LINX - Executive Trainer

“ET & 47pts!”

Qualified to Earn:
Platinum Recognition from Dwayne Johnson

Current Occupation:
I am an Active Duty Army Logistics Officer in the rank of Major.

Why did you join 5LINX?:
My WHY for joining 5LINX was financial freedom and so my daughter can choose her college and not be confined to a…read more

What do you like most about 5linx?:
What I like most about 5LINX is the compensation plan and feeling of closeness with others in the business, pouring into the future of others in 5LINX and being able to… read more

Annette Smith - Birmingham, Alabama 5LINX Executive Trainer

Top Personal Customers

- Alexandra Pozdeeva (ON) – 20pts
– Winston Thompson (FL) – 19pts
– William Anderson (TN) – 18pts
– Christopher Ballard – (TX) 12pts
– Deborah Kelso – (MI) 12pts
– Danard Bailey- (TN) 12pts

…see full list

Top 5 Personal Recruiters

1. Vernon Mc Clain (MI)
2. Cocksel Edwards (FL)
3. France Robinson (TN)
4. Reginald McCrimmon (NC)
5. Viola Foster (VA)

see full list

Top 5 Recruiting State/Province

1. Michigan
2. Florida (includes Bahamas)
3. Texas
4. Tennessee
5. California

see full list

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Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
10-26-14: Team Training Call w/PSVP Dwayne Johnson

Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
10-19-14: Team Training Call w/PSVP Dwayne Johnson

Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
10-12-14: Team Training Call w/PSVP Dwayne Johnson

Topic: Quickstart, testimonials & international event discussion
9-21-14: Team Training Call w/SVP Carlos Bauta


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