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fade-leftfade-rightSpotlight: Mid-November Top Performers

fade-leftfade-rightRising Stars

“Newly promoted ET”

Qualified to Earn:
Platinum Recognition from Dwayne Johnson

Current Occupation:
I Work for a Insurance Company Full-time. I’ve been there for 27 years and I worked Part time supervising…..read more

Why did you join 5LINX?
I didn’t Join 5LINX Right away, I was introduced to this Opportunity twice Prior to Joining. The first time, my staff from the group home introduced me to the business. I said No to him, because I had….. read more

What do you like most about 5linx?
I love the integrity of the Company. They do what they say they will do and I love the portfolio of the Variety of Products and services this Company offers. Who wouldn’t….. read more

”Karen Jarrett - New Jersey” ”5LINX - Executive Trainer”

“Century Club Member!”

Qualified to Earn:
Platinum Recognition from Dwayne Johnson

Current Occupation:
Registered Nurse, working as a Nurse Case Manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.

Why did you join 5LINX?:
I wanted to retire before age 65, but I’ve realized that I wasn’t making enough money to support the bills at that age. I have grandchildren that….read more

What do you like most about 5linx?:
I like meeting and spending time with people who are in the 5linx family. I am grateful for the…. read more

”France Robinson - Memphis, TN” ”5LINX Executive Trainer”

Top Personal Customers

- Alexandra Pozdeeva (ON) – 32pts
– Anthony Johnson (TN) – 21pts
– Winston Thompson (FL) – 21pts
– William Anderson (NC) – 20pts
– Anishca Lightbourne (MD) – 18pts
– Non Stop To The Top LLC (MI) – 17pts

…see full list

Top 5 Personal Recruiters

1. BW Burnett Jr (TN)
2. Adam Davis – (AR)
3. Monique Leary – (BAH)

…see full list

Top 5 Recruiting State/Province

1. Florida (includes Bahamas)
2. Tennessee
3. Michigan

see full list

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Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
11-16-14: Team Training Call w/ PSVP Dwayne Johnson

Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
11-09-14: Team Training Call w/SVP Carlos Bauta

Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
11-02-14: Once a month team training Call w/PSVP’s Steve Carter, Dwayne Johnson and Mondez Holloman

Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
10-26-14: Team Training Call w/PSVP Dwayne Johnson


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